Competition Program 2018

FIRST CATEGORY (up to 12 year olds)

1st level, NON TROPPO (up to 7 years old for this level)
- L’aube du Vieux Moulin (Piano Elementary Course, Aaron method, vol 1, P.25), extract avaible here

2nd level, CALENDO
- Bartók : For Children vol 2. «based on a popular slovak song», piece n°1 (Boosey edition)
- Mozart : Minuet KWV 2  (les Plaisirs de la Musique Vol 1, Lemoine edition)

3rd level, LARGO
- Schumann: Little study op.68 n ° 14 of the album for the youth (edition with the choice)
- Bach : Polonaise in G minor (the first), Notebook of A. M. Bach (any edition), extract avaible here

4th level, LARGHETTO
- Haydn : Sonata Hob XVI: 12 in A major. Finale.  (Bach à nos jours 2B p.54)
- Bartók : Winter Solstice Song (Bach à nos jours 2B p.60)

SECOND CATEGORY (13-16 year olds)

1st level, MODERATO
- Haëndel : «Courante», (Bach à nos jours vol. 3 p.70)
- Chopin : Mazurka Op. 7. 2. (any edition)

2nd level, ANDANTE
- Debussy : Golliwog’s Cakewalk, extracted from Children’s corner
(any edition)
- Bach : Two-Part Invention in E major (any edition), extract avaible here

3rd level, ANDANTINO
- Mozart : Fantasy in D minor (any edition)
- Scriabine : Prelude for the Left Hand (any edition)

THIRD CATEGORY (17-28 year olds)

1st level, ALLEGRO
- Schubert : Impromptu Op. 90. 2. (any edition)
- Bartók : Microcosm, Volume 6, N°153 (the last of the six Bulgarian dances)

2nd level, PRESTO
- Debussy : «Pour les cinq doigts» Study, First Notebook (any edition)
- Chopin : Nocturne in F-sharp major, Op. 15. 2. (any edition)
- Bach : Italian Concerto, 1st movement (any edition)

3rd level, PRESTISSIMO
- Liszt : 12th Hungarian Rhapsodie (any edition)
- Schoenberg : 3 pieces Op. 11 (any edition)
- Any piece of the repertoire, any time. Not more than 15 min.
(to bring the scores of the work of your choice)